ICF Canoe Marathon World Championships 2017 Media Release

 No: wmc1716

9 Sept 2017

    Embargo : None

Written by: Dave Macleod

Radio Soundbites - Saturday

Voice report
world Champion Hank McGregor successfully defending his men's K1 title in front of a elated massive crowd at Camps Drift in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday. Dave Macleod has more.
IN: McGregor found himself in...
DUR : 40"
OUT:  Marathon World Champs
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Interview - K1 Men's winner Hank McGregor
Hank McGregor said that his seventh K1 world title at Camps Drift was won under unusual pressure from performing in front of the local supporters.
IN: There was a lot of pressure...
DUR: 1:29"
OUT:..an honour and a privilege
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K1 Men's silver medallist Andy Birkett
Andy Birkett said he had no regrets with a second consecutive silver medal. he told Nick Tatham that he had tried his best but couldnt get past Hank McGregor
IN: I did leave it all out...
DUR: 1:05"
OUT:..in front of our home crowd tomorrow
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