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6 April 2017

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Written by: Dave Macleod

The Cows plan Tour Durban stampede around their ice cream bike

Durban – Distinctive in their black and white pattered bovine kit, The Cows' participation in the aQuellé Tour Durban presented by Bridge Fund Managers on 30 April has been given a major boost by the organisers, who have made available places in the second batch of the 45km race for contributors to their charity fundraiser.

Riders can secure one of these prized early starts by simply selecting a donation to The Cows charity on their entry, at an extra R50, all of which will go to The Cows beneficiaries.

"We have a really great relationship with the aQuellé Tour Durban, and were thrilled when they agreed to allocate places in that early batch for people keen to contribute to our fundraiser," said The Cows organiser, Iris Varty, who assumes the moniker Durbs Daisy.

The Cows are a group of sporting enthusiasts who raise money for their principle charity the Childhood Cancer Foundation of South Africa (CHOC).

Reliably raucous and fun-loving, the Friesland look-alikes have built up an enviable reputation at iconic events like the Comrades Marathon, Midmar Mile, 94.7 Cycle Challenge and many other major events, where they participate with personal sponsorships and donations that have raised over R25 million since their establishment nine years ago.

Varty explained that the new option created by the Tour Durban organisers made it easier than ever for recreational riders to join in the fun of The Cows stampede.

"For that small R50 donation you get to join our charity batch and enjoy the madness that goes hand-in-glove with The Cows," explained Varty.

"Our core riders, that you see riding in the furry Cow suits, have raised massive amounts over the years, and that suit is a badge of honour, apart from being extremely hot to ride in,' said the Durbs Daisy.

"There is the option of riding in The Cows cycling shorts. To get this kit you need to commit to raising R6000 within the year, R1000 of which needs to be in the charity account before the race.

"Thanks to the Tour Durban organisers, we have a whole new and very accessible way to join in and contribute," she added.

"It is our tenth year as The Cows and we have set a target of R10 million to raise for CHOC this year. so this is a great way of getting a lot of people involved."

No strangers to pranks, they have ambushed one of their supporters to ride their famous ice cream bike, wearing the furry Cow Suit and a pink tutu, for dodging his commitment to swim with The Cows at the recent aQuellé Midmar Mile.

37 year old Westville cyclist Michael Koberstein is psyching himself up for the challenge, which will be his fifth aQuellé Tour Durban, but, he says, probably his toughest.

"I have done the 100km race four times, but after being allowed to try out the ice cream bike on the beachfront the other day, I reckon the 45km in the Cow Suit and tutu will be far tougher!" said Korberstein

He appealed to riders keen to do the 45km Fun Ride to pay the R50 for a place in the charity batch to be able to help push him up the hills.

"This will be my initiation into The Cows," he added. "I have learnt a serious lesson about making a promise to The Cows and not keeping my word.

He said that he was thinking laterally about the ice cream bike to enable him to deal with the challenge facing him.

"There is a refridgerated cooler box on the back of the bike, so I plan to load it with drinks to get me through the day. And no, they might not be sports drink!" he quipped.

Riders entering the popular 45km Fun Ride can still secure a place in the second batch by selecting that option in their online entry through Cycle Events.

Riders keen to up their involvement and ride in The Cows kit should make contact with Durbs Daisy at

The 2017 aQuellé Tour Durban, presented by Bridge Fund Managers, takes place on Sunday 30 April. More information can be found at 


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The Cows are planning another "stampede" at the aQuellé Tour Durban presented by Bridge Fund Managers on Sunday 30 April. Durbs Daisy Iris Varty, seen here riding the infamous ice cream bike in last year's race, says the organisers have made available places in the second batch of the 45km Fun Race to raise funds for The Cows' charity.

Anthony Grote/
Gameplan Media

37 year old Westville cyclist Michael Koberstein (right) has been tasked with riding The Cows ice cream bike at the aQuellé Tour Durban presented by Bridge Fund Managers on Sunday 30 April, after failing to keep his promise to swim the aQuellé Midmar Mile for The Cows. Erin Reid (left) provides some resistance training for Koberstein on the beachfront.

Iris Varty/
Gameplan Media

From left Erin Reid, Mike Kobertstein, Rose Owen, Gords Reid, Iris Varty and Lauren Varty, getting ready for The Cows "stampede" at the aQuellé Tour Durban presented by Bridge Fund Managers on Sunday 30 April.

Iris Varty/
Gameplan Media

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