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19 Sept 2018

  Written by : Nick Tatham

Rhino Africa team set for first RPC

Underberg – As the pledges start to stream in for the 2018 Rhino Peak Challenge this Saturday, Rhino Africa Safari have entered a team of five participants for the gruelling trek up and down the famous Rhino Peak in the Southern Drakensberg.

The event coincides with World Rhino Day on 22 September and will once again go a long way in raising funds for endangered species which include the rhino as well as the Southern Drakensberg’s own Bearded Vulture.

Ingo Brüggemann, a sales manager for Rhino Africa Safari, is bringing up a group of green horns for the challenge but knows that what they are doing will make a difference.

“For Rhino Africa Safari, support of Wildlife Act has always high on list of priorities – from our annual own fundraiser (Challenge 4 A Cause) to activities like the upcoming World Rhino Day,” Brüggemann mentioned.

“When Johan (Maree), who we share an office with, asked us, there was no doubt we wanted to show support and take part!

The Rhino Africa team will be made up of Brüggemann, Hilton Warmback, Sean Brooks, Sian Bester and Willem Erasmus and the team have been putting in the hard yards in preparation for the event this weekend.

“The team has been training on Table Mountain – we are blessed in Cape Town that on our doorstep there is this huge mountain!

“Even though the climb is only one-third of what to expect on Saturday, we are well prepared yet terrified.”

The Rhino Peak is an area that is completely foreign to the team and Brüggemann, who has lived in KwaZulu-Natal before, is keen to return to one of the most pristine landscapes that South Africa has on offer.

“We are all Rhino Peak virgins and therefore either highly motivated or completely delusional!

“I can’t wait to get into the Drakensberg. I’m excited to get the gear packed and enjoy a day out there; I used to live in Durban 15 years back and haven’t returned to the Berg since,” he added enthusiastically.

With a goal time set at 480 minutes to get to the top of the Rhino Peak and back, Brüggemann is hoping that their training and preparation will give them the best chance to raise as much money as possible for endangered species.

“The feedback I got from the people donating and pledging is incredible.

“Challenges are a powerful way to raise funds, and I think it is showing that in this day and age of crowd funding and online pledging, something that is physically challenging still has much more credibility than other initiatives – the results are showing,” he explained.

Rhino Africa Safaris is an organisation that understands the importance of conservation and for them it is crucial that they support important initiatives like the Rhino Peak Challenge.

“Rhino Africa is a tour operator based in Cape Town, currently we have about 250 employees who all believe in our ethos: Leaving a legacy while becoming Africa’s travel authority.”

Anyone interested in making a pledge to support any of these athletes can visit www.rhinopeakchallenge.co.za


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The Rhino Africa Safari Team prepared to tackle the 2018 Rhino Peak Challenge on Saturday 22 September (from Left): Hilton Warmback, Ingo Brüggemann, Sian Bester, Sean Brookes, Willem Erasmus. Supplied/
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