2018 FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon Press Release

 No: dusi1835

16 Feb 2018

Embargo: None

 Written by: Dave acleod

FNB Dusi 2018 Day Two Radio Soundbites

Voice Report
Overnight leader Andy Birkett and Hank McGregor showed their true racing pedigree by staging a stunning comeback on Day Two of the FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon after an early morning mishap sent them tumbling back to fourth place. Dave Macleod has more.

IN : Less than half an hour....
DUR : 1:01"
OUT : at the FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon
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Interview - Hank McGregor
Hank McGregor said that having to stop and repair the damage to their rudder had been nerve racking, but the composed manner that he and Birkett dealt with the issue had given them a lot of confidence.
IN : You know like I have always said before..
DUR : 2:06"
OUT :..we will see what happens
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Interview - Andy Birkett
Andy Birkett told Nick Tatham that they had not been too phased by the rudder problems, because they both understood that this was a reality of Dusi racing
IN : You it is Dusi racing....
DUR : 1:05"
OUT :..super exciting, I cant wait
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Interview - Carl Folscher
Carl Folscher and his Hungarian partner Adrian Boros finished in the four boat bunch at the end of the second stage of the FNB Dusi. The experienced Dusi racer said it was fascinating to see how the other crews had behaved under pressure. He added that the inclusion of Ant Stott and Banetse Nkhoesa in the lead bunch was not a surprise.
IN : I think we would have been stupid....
DUR : 1:07"
OUT : Loving every second of it
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Interview - Cana and Jordan Peek
Jordan and her younger sister Cana (K-Na) Peek had to dig deep to preserve their five minute lead. Jordan told Nick Tatham that they were worried that the long paddling day would play into their chasers hands.
IN : We really thought the girls were going to...
DUR : 42"
OUT :..just around this corner
Listen, play or download the track here

Interview - Christie Mackenzie and Bridgitte Hartley
Chasers in the women's race Christie Mackenzie and Bridgitte Hartley had to settle for finishing Day Two without having made inroads into the Peek sisters leads. Mackenzie told Nick Tatham that small errors had set them back during the stage.
IN : We..ya..too many mistakes...
DUR : 47"
OUT : ...cross the line at Blue Lagoon
Listen, play or download the track here

More information can be found at www.dusi.co.za

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Twitter: @DusiCanoe
Instagram: @dusicanoe
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